Savory, Sweet & All Your Favorite Things…

Madison Avenue Catering dessert table

Sometimes we’ll have clients call us in desperate need of something amazing for their upcoming event, but they have no idea what they need. They aren’t sure how many people are coming. They never heard back from the groom’s mother about what sort of facilities will be available. And they have no desire to continue wracking their brains for answers they don’t have. They’re on the verge of panic. Don’t let yourself worry about every little detail. Let us help out. We can sit down with you and quickly outline the basics of the event with you. You know more than you think you do. And we’ll take it from there. We have the experience to estimate numbers to maximize your food budget for the event and know the right questions to ask to get the info we need without leaving your feeling like you’re stuck in an interrogation where no one believes you’re innocent. All you need to know for sure is that you have an event and you’ll need food and we’ll help you figure out the rest. Get in touch BEFORE the panic sets in.

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